Filmscribe promotes the writing of compelling, character-driven scripts for a global audience. Whether you’re  a producer looking for an evaluation of a script, a professional writer in need of constructive feedback on a feature or short film, or a first-time writer seeking tuition, we can help.

Whilst we’re happy to provide industry standard script reports, experience has shown us that writers benefit far more from the chance to discuss their scripts in person – whether meeting in London, or via a prearranged Skype call.

Transnational story consultancy

As box office figures increasingly depend on global ticket sales, producers need to understand what kind of film narratives transcend national boundaries. Using a new research-driven framework, based on evolutionary psychology and neuroscience, Filmscribe has launched a transnational story consultation service for producers and writers. For more details, please email:

Script meeting and notes  

1.5 hour meeting in London or via Skype, including a detailed analysis of your film’s structure, premise, story, characters and theme.  We’ll answer any questions you might have, discuss what works and what doesn’t, suggesting solutions wherever appropriate. We’ll also provide you with a 3-page bullet point summary of our analysis, in addition to our unique Filmscribe Grid assessing the script on its idea, plot, characterization, dialogue, pace and setting; together with an overall evaluation recommending or passing on the script.

Script meeting with annotated page notes 

Includes the above in addition to in-depth, annotated page notes written on your script. These include suggestions for scenes that could be cut, dialogue that could be condensed or tweaked, as well as story and character changes.

Development notes  

Everything the writer needs before starting a rewrite. A 6-8 page report with extensive notes and suggestions on how to improve your script. A professional assessment of your first or second draft, isolating problems to be addressed and suggesting solutions to fix them. The development notes include a logline and synopsis as well as an in-depth commentary on character development, plot, structure, dialogue, originality, pacing, tone and style.

One to one coaching 

Whether you want to talk through an idea for a new script, discuss feedback in person, trouble-shoot difficult scenes or develop a character, one to one coaching is often the best way forward. Helping you develop your idea, we understand that it’s hard for writers to work in a vacuum. We’ll work with you to understand your vision, achieve the highest standards, and accomplish your goals in a nurturing environment that draws out the creative in you.

Please call to discuss.

Screenwriting tuition

From the basic principles of the three act structure; psychological approaches to character design; scene construction; crafting dialogue and visual storytelling, we’ll build a tailor-made course to suit the individual. 
Prices on request.

For prices and more details on all services, please contact us today for a consultation.

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