I wanted to thank you for your insights into my script. It was a pleasure speaking with you.


David Turnquist (Writer)

Thank you for your notes and comments, they really helped to give the story the reflection and changes it needs for the second draft. 


Tobias Queisser (CEO and Producer, Arctic Pictures)

I met Kira Anne Pelican at LSF2013 and I was immediately captivated by her warm personality and caring nature. I began regular sessions with her soon afterwards.

With her incisive intelligence, constructive criticism, delivered in a caring and encouraging manner and her in depth knowledge of structure and character arcs she has helped me to restructure my screenplays in a more compelling way. Kira Anne has truly been an inspiration to me.

Patricia Jenkins (Writer)

Expect top laser surgery and impeccable holistic treatment when you put yourself under Kira-Anne’s exceptionally keen lens. She is a master diagnostician and articulates, honestly and concisely, the areas that need attention in your work. Her caring nature, piercing intellect and genuine desire to help enables you to feel in safe hands and to take your work forward in your own way.

Lizzie Davies (Writer)

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Kira-Anne. It is very difficult to find a script consultant who is a a good theoretical analyst AND a good consultant. Kira-Anne is both. First, she has a huge theoretical background and is open to sharing and explaining it. And even more importantly, she is a very caring person. She never wanted me to write her story and she never told me her answers to my questions. She helped me to find the answers myself, which was a great help not only for this project, but in teaching me to be a better screenwriter.

I think there is the big difference between a good script consultant and a very good script consultant. Kira-Anne adapted her consultancy to my personality and my project, which made me immensely comfortable working with her.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Kira-Anne again and can’t imagine a better script consultancy!


Christian Wehrlin (Writer/Director)

After completing my first feature film screenplay, I needed some professional eyes on my script. I knew there were problems with my work, but I was too close to the material and I had lost perspective.  Kira-Anne was spot on in her analysis, her insight and direction helped me identify the problem areas and take my script to the next level. She was candid, honest and objective in her comments, as well as supportive and full of encouragement, which for first time writers is of vital importance.

Ebla Salvi (Writer)

You know when you’ve been Kira’d
Or: how our script went from being ‘quite good’ to ‘worth filming’.

Chris and I had developed his idea, fleshed out the structure, embarked on multiple re-writes before finally producing Drone Strike  (or Distant Reaper as it was called then) to a state where we were pretty happy with it.

We showed it to various respected friends for feedback, who were all positive, constructively suggesting tweaks here and there. But we still had the nagging worry that it needed more. It needed to be scrutinised, poked and prodded by the scalpel-edged hand of a script consultant.

You might have seen their credits on films. They’re not generally part of the core team, they’re normally guns for hire. But their value lies in their detachment from a project. We’d lived and breathed the story, so we found it hard to be objective. Noelia’s online research led us to Kira-Anne Pelican. For a moderate fee, she agreed to take our precious script and give it a duffing up for us. After she’d had it for a day, she got in touch, and suggested we meet at a cafe…neutral territory, very clever.

To read what happened next:

Mike Sedgwick (Writer/Producer, Scout Films)

Kira-Anne is a gifted script analyst, who has been employed many times at the Met Film School to teach screenwriting at BA and MA level. Kira-Anne’s excellent understanding of structure and character’s story arcs, coupled with her warm and sensitive approach, make her an excellent teacher. Her own experience as a writer and her training in the UK and United States make her an invaluable resource for writers.


Emma Lindley (Writer/Director)

Kira-Anne is a fantastic tutor. The in-class exercises she used were original, engaging and fun. Her feedback on our screenwriting was always honest, constructive and helpful – and I really enjoyed her classes, always going away having learnt something new.

Rory Macleod (Writer)